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ReelPRO V2 Take-Up System


ReelPRO V2 - Universally Compatible Take-Up System for Large-Format Printers and Laminators

The ReelPRO V2 is an affordable, simple-to-use take-up system designed to increase the efficiency and ease of your printing or laminating workflow. The ReelPRO V2's is manufactured by Supply55 and features a propriety drive which ensures consistent performance while allowing for unattended printing and laminating without the risk of dirt or damage ruining your final product.

The ReelPRO V2 is compatible with all large format printers and laminators.


  • ReelPRO V2 is universally compatible with all ink jet printers, laminators and other devices requiring media take-up
  • ReelPRO V2 allows for unattended printing, cutting down on costs and improving efficiency
  • ReelPRO V2 eliminates kinks, scratches and other imperfections that could damage products during printing or movement
  • ReelPRO V2 can be programmed to turn off after a print job is complete, allowing for overnight printing
  • ReelPRO V2 includes a sensor which can shut the take-up system down when activity ceases on your printer
  • ReelPRO V2 delivers true roll-to-roll production capability and supports media rolls weighing up to 110 lbs