UV Adhesion Promoters


We are proud to offer the very best, highest performance adhesion promoters availalbe in the market; AP2155 and AP3155. Engineered for use with all UV printers and roller coaters running a wide range of UV curable ink and UV curable coatings. AP2155 and AP3155 will make your ink and/or coating stick when others fail to deliver adhesion. Compatible with all UV printers running UV curable inks. 

AP2155™ UV Adhesion Promoter / Anti-static / Cleaner for Plastic Substrates from PerfectCut Vinyl

AP2155 is a UV adhesion promoter for use when printing on plastic substrates; PVC, HDPE, Coroplast, and Polystyrene. This product eliminates static, and fingerprints from plastic substrates that are printed on with LED and UV curable inks.

AP3155™ UV Adhesion Promoter for Hard to Print Substrates

AP3155 is a UV adhesion promoter for use when printing on HDPE, Acrylics, Metal, Aluminum, Coroplast, Polystyrene, Glass, and other substrates that are hard to print on. This product is used with LED and UV curable inks and eliminates all adhesion problems encountered when using a UV or LED flatbed printer or roller coater runing UV curable coatings.